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Carpet Cleaning Scarsdale (AKA: UCM Cleaning Services) is a fully trained and certified carpet cleaning service provider operating in the village of Scarsdale and in the greater Westchester County.

All of our technicians have been working in the carpet cleaning field for years and have been trained not only in the industry but also in customer service. We know that you invest in your home and that everyone has their own expectations, that is why we focus on personalized service.

Additionally, our focus is also on customer satisfaction and while we do not anticipate any problems, should they occur, we pledge to do our absolute best to remedy the situation.

How Does Carpet Cleaning Work?

Carpet cleaning is more than running a vacuum across your carpet. If this was the case, there would be no need to hire professionals.

Carpet Cleaning Scarsdale utilizes two popular cleaning methods, dry cleaning and steam cleaning. For clients who maintain a regular carpet cleaning routine, we suggest the dry cleaning method. While very effective, is not tailored to remove deep stains or restore color like the steam cleaning method is.

For carpets that have lost their shine and for stain removal, we suggest the steam cleaning method, which utilizes heat as an extraction method.

In regards to allergens, bacteria, dander, and regular dirt levels, both methods are excellent options. Our techs will offer their suggestions based on your particular carpet or rug fiber content.

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Green Friendly Means Pet and Child Friendly Too!

A long while ago we made a pledge to be available to any customer who might need us. We also strive to meet everyone’s demand, that is why we also offer environmentally friendly products for all our services.

We know that there is nothing like laying on a freshly cleaned carpet for a play session with your child or pet, or both. We want nothing more than to provide this for you and your family.

For more information on our carpet cleaning services or any of our various additional home cleaning services, please visit our website or contact our customer representatives today for your free quote estimate!

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